Actionable Insights Drive Decision Making

defiANALYTICS_Stackedr_OrangeGrey.jpgWith the support of the right technology and industry experts, lenders can jumpstart the process of discovering patterns, improving their understanding, and evolving their loan portfolio.

The importance of information analysis and use of actionable insights in driving auto lending business decisions was made obvious at this years’ Auto Finance Summit 2016.

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Finding Your Balance and Other Advice For Lenders

dear_stephie.jpgFrom industry terms to company strategy, Stephanie Alsbrooks answers it all with a depth of understanding backed by auto finance experience.

Here’s what Dear Stephie talks about out in the latest issue of Non-Prime Times :

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Does Blockchain Have a Future in Auto Finance?

6464_DSL_blockchain2-1.jpgBlockchain is about to become the beating heart of the finance industry, say some US and international financial industry experts.

What is it?  

And does it have a future in auto finance?

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