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Their Data Technology Needs Aren't Necessarily Yours

Three Steps to Apply to Any Technology DecisionHow do you know or go about finding out if a solution is right for you?

Director of data and analysis for defi ANALYTICS, Brandon Burns, explains in the most recent edition of Non-Prime Times how to go about the process of deciding which data warehouse technology solution is right for your business.

Brandon's ideas apply to any technology decision. He suggest you follow three steps.

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The WHY behind the defi EXPANSION

defi SOLUTIONS platform of servicesYou may have noticed we’ve been expanding the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Originations Systems platform! From our humble beginnings of one (pretty awesome) LOS software, we now have an entire suite of services for lenders.

What’s all this about? We were hoping you’d ask.

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defi ANALYTICS at AFSA? Absolutely!

defi ANALYTICS Analysis & ReportingThere are lots of reasons to stop by the defi booth at AFSA this year. One is defi ANALYTICS, the first of its kind from an LOS provider.

Our new defi ANALYTICS system integrates seamlessly with data from the defi LOS to make reporting easy, fast and totally configurable to your needs. You also get complete control over report access, so you can provide decision makers across your organization with real-time results that are most relevant to them.

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Data Problems Dogging You?

6507_DSL_blog_nailinhead_600X400.jpgIn the latest issue of Non-Prime Times, our Chief Data Evangelist Stephanie Alsbrooks hits the nail on the head when it comes to solving data problems. In part one of her two-part series, she challenges the idea that data warehouses are the answer for every auto lending business.

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Actionable Insights Drive Decision Making

defi ANALYTICS drives lending decision makingWith the support of the right technology and industry experts, lenders can jumpstart the process of discovering patterns, improving their understanding, and evolving their loan portfolio.

The importance of information analysis and use of actionable insights in driving auto lending business decisions was made obvious at this years’ Auto Finance Summit 2016.

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