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New Lending Technology Efficiencies Get You More With Less

Blog-TimeForTech.pngWhether it’s more hours in a day, more profitability, or both, and regardless of where you are in your business’s lifecycle, your finance company can achieve more with less by embracing new lending technology.

How do you do it? defi CEO and Chief Constant Improver, Stephanie Alsbrooks, recently gave some great advice in an article for Non-Prime Times.

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Technology That Is "Just Right"

Aug_NPT_170901.gifTechnology is supposed to be a table at which everyone has a good chair, regardless of budget and expertise. But with so many technology options available, choosing the right ones while maintaining a thriving business can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re about to end up in the wrong house in a Grimm’s fairy tale.

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Technology 20 Years Ago Versus Today

NPT_Blog_170905.gifCEO and Founder Stephanie Alsbrooks has often imagined what it would be like to have started defi SOLUTIONS 20 years ago, with the technology available then.

With summer nearing an end and fall just around the corner, she and some of defi’s team members took a nostalgic walk down memory lane, comparing “then and now” processes and technologies.

Here’s some of the leaps and bounds they noted that have been made in that time.

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Blissful Ignorance or Painless Awareness: Which is your choice?


Most of us know what we’re looking for in a life partner, but do you know what your business is looking for in a hardware or software technology partner? What are your preferences? What makes one vendor a better choice for you than for someone else?

Not sure? Haven’t thought about it? Think you already know? defi SOLUTIONS CEO Stephanie Alsbrooks suggests ten questions to help you narrow down which technology partner is right for you.

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Data Problems Dogging You?

6507_DSL_blog_nailinhead_600X400.jpgIn the latest issue of Non-Prime Times, our Chief Data Evangelist Stephanie Alsbrooks hits the nail on the head when it comes to solving data problems. In part one of her two-part series, she challenges the idea that data warehouses are the answer for every auto lending business.

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Finding Your Balance and Other Advice For Lenders

Dear Stephie Tackles Product Development & Transaction FeesFrom industry terms to company strategy, Stephanie Alsbrooks answers it all with a depth of understanding backed by auto finance experience.

Here’s what Dear Stephie talks about out in the latest issue of Non-Prime Times :

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Let Stephie Microtize It for You

Helping Lenders Understand Technology TermsThere was such a great response to the first “Dear Stephie” article in Non Prime Times, our CEO turned technology advice columnist is back with more answers to the burning questions that leave you scratching your head. This time around she breaks down the process for hiring the right developer and has some fun explaining buzzwords like bitcoin and microtize.

Here's just a little of what Dear Stephie has to say!

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Move Over Dear Abby

Loan Origination Software Q&A

NonPrime Times has launched a technology advice column, featuring our very own Founder and CEO Stephanie Alsbrooks! She knows a thing or two about asking questions and looking for the right answers.

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The Power of Community

image_3.jpgA number of blog posts cite a quote purportedly made by Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, during a press conference announcing the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. Elop reportedly said this: “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” Whether or not the statement was made, Nokia had lost ground after being successful in the mobile space for a long time because it did not keep up with its customers’ demands and its competitors. Competition is a normal, healthy, necessary catalyst for successful business, but why can’t competition and community go hand in hand. What if there is a world where competitors can learn from each other, share technology, be successful, and grow as a community?

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What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Recently I was asked the question what keeps me awake at night. And as a mother and successful business woman you could probably imagine that there’s a lot. It’s not an easy question to answer but it struck a chord with me when I heard it and I began making a list and even googling things that kept other CEOs up at night for inspiration. Although this information was helpful it wasn’t entirely relevant to me and my life.

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