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defi ENGINEERING: A Culture of Iteration

Blog-Iterative.jpg"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It's an old cliché that has proven especially applicable to successful engineering projects. Thomas Edison owned over 1000 patents, most of which never amounted to anything useful. WD-40's name is short for "Water Displacement, Formula 40," implying it was preceded by 39 failures. And Steve Jobs oversaw the release of numerous underwhelming products before he changed the world with the iPhone.

But in its earliest days, software engineering took a different approach.

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defi SOLUTIONS Earns eContracting Certification

defi earns eContracting Certification We're always on the lookout for new services, new technologies, and the next great way to help our lenders streamline their processes.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the defi SOLUTIONS loan origination system (LOS) a new certification.

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Better Data, Better Lending Decisions

Better Data  Better Lending DecisionsFinancial technology and lending decisions are built on data. Lenders can buy data in the form of reports, statistics, and bits of information about consumers and their buying habits from hundreds of companies and accumulate mountains of their own new data from every portfolio and process.

Employing certain practical ideas, lenders can get the most bang for their data buck and gain insight that can translate to real advantages.

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The WHY behind the defi EXPANSION

defi SOLUTIONS platform of servicesYou may have noticed we’ve been expanding the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Originations Systems platform! From our humble beginnings of one (pretty awesome) LOS software, we now have an entire suite of services for lenders.

What’s all this about? We were hoping you’d ask.

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