Actionable Insights Drive Decision Making

defiANALYTICS_Stackedr_OrangeGrey.jpgWith the support of the right technology and industry experts, lenders can jumpstart the process of discovering patterns, improving their understanding, and evolving their loan portfolio.

The importance of information analysis and use of actionable insights in driving auto lending business decisions was made obvious at this years’ Auto Finance Summit 2016.

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defi SOLUTIONS & Cedar Document Technologies for the Email Delivery of  Compliance Letters

Feeling the pain of compliance letters?

defi SOLUTIONS has a cure!

cedar2.jpgJoining with new defi Integration Partner CEDAR Document Technologies, we’re making it easier for lenders to remain compliant while reducing the time and money they spend on mailing adverse action letters.

We’re bringing automation to an outdated process that has plagued auto lenders for far too long.

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The WHY behind defi!

6471_freedomnotcopy_blog_image2.jpgWhat a company does can be easily copied. How a company does it can easily be copied, too. In fact, if a company is doing what they do well, if it makes sense, others will copy them. It’s a sure sign of success!

But the reason behind WHY a company exists can’t be easily copied.

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defi LOS Clients Top Non-Prime Automotive Survey

6457_DSL_SurveyBlogImage.jpgWe are not in the habit of tooting our own horn, but we’d like to share some exciting news with our growing lender community and the entire defi family!

According to the 2016 Non-Prime Automotive Financing Survey, among member lenders who were surveyed, defi SOLUTIONS is the clear loan origination system (LOS) of choice. 

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Does Blockchain Have a Future in Auto Finance?

6464_DSL_blockchain2-1.jpgBlockchain is about to become the beating heart of the finance industry, say some US and international financial industry experts.

What is it?  

And does it have a future in auto finance?

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Building the Best LOS with the Best CEOs in the Industry Today

One-quarter of the latest SubPrime Auto Finance News list of the best CEOs use or partner with defi SOLUTIONS.  The individuals—nominated by peers, mentors, friends, and supporters—were selected based on their cultivation of a productive environment and positioning of their companies and the industry to succeed.

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Trailblazers, innovators, disruptors

KristinHerring48.jpgFour defi partners, as well as Director of Marketing Kristin Herring, comprised one-half of the list of 10 TrailBlazers, Innovators, and Disruptors recognized by SubPrime Auto Finance News.

Kristin, a "one-woman marketing machine" according to her nomination, is in the good company of John Gordon from FactorTrust, Lou Loquasto from Equifax, Todd Mason from RouteOne, and Wendy Pratt from GWC Warranty.

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Move Over Dear Abby


NonPrime Times has launched a technology advice column, featuring our very own Founder and CEO Stephanie Alsbrooks! She knows a thing or two about asking questions and looking for the right answers.

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defi SOLUTIONS Expanding Platform to Include Reporting and Analytics

6112_DSL_analytics_blog_image3.jpgdefi SOLUTIONS, auto lending’s leading loan origination system (LOS) provider, is expanding its product offering to include a full-service analytics and reporting platform.

Lenders face many challenges as they attempt to gain insight from data. For many, extracting, standardizing and storing data from different systems requires a significant investment. Add to that the vast array of external data sources and analytic products, and the problem increases exponentially. defi SOLUTIONS revolutionized the LOS industry by putting power in the hands of the lender. The company is building on that success by doing the same thing with data and analytics. 


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Jet Capital Leverages defi Next Gen Technology

Jet-Capital-Logo-2-.jpgJet Business Loans, LLC (dba Jet Capital), an online financial services provider, has released the newest generation of its innovative software suite, which allows qualified small businesses to access working capital fast, in as little as 24 hours.

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