The WHY behind defi!

6471_freedomnotcopy_blog_image2.jpgWhat a company does can be easily copied. How a company does it can easily be copied, too. In fact, if a company is doing what they do well, if it makes sense, others will copy them. It’s a sure sign of success!

But the reason behind WHY a company exists can’t be easily copied.

At defi, our mantra hasn’t changed. We haven’t changed. We provide FREEDOM. We change the game because we provide FREEDOM for the lender. Everything we do, everything we build is about empowering the lender and giving them FREEDOM. Other companies can try to copy what we do or even how we do it. But no one has our story, our reason for existing, our WHY.

We used to be a lender. We used to feel constrained by our technology. But we got free and want to free all lenders large and small because it is not right to be constrained by your technology, you should be empowered by it.

There is nothing more thrilling than providing a system to the smaller lender that only the guys with millions could afford before. Big boy technology shouldn’t be available for only those with big pocket books – ALL lenders deserve FREEDOM. The saying went “a computer in every house.” Not, “a computer in every wealthy person’s house.” We feel the same about technology for lenders. Let others fight over the big professional services engagements. We are changing the game one lender at a time.

I get annoyed sometimes when I see people trying to copy our marketing. Claiming words and things that they had never uttered before we came on the market. But then I realized, this is what we want. This means we are winning. Not against them, that’s not the goal. We are changing the industry. We are providing FREEDOM to lenders and forcing others to rethink what they are doing.

And we are not done yet. We are about continuing to lead. The reason behind WHY we exist can’t be copied. And we are forever grateful to all of our amazing customers who get the WHY!

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defi SOLUTIONS provides the only leading edge, browser-based loan origination system (LOS) platform that is completely configurable by lenders. The defi loan software system allows lenders to manage the application lifecycle and receive analytics from a single, highly flexible platform. defi SOLUTIONS services are affordable, scalable and easily changed with market demands. For more information, go to or