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Auto Structuring: The Force is With Us

defive_Boyz_Auto_Structuring-1.jpgEditor’s Note: Everyone knows him as the bad boy of the defiveBoyz (Ed Kisinger, Kevin Perkins, Theo Vaughn, Sam Blount, Christian Wilcoxsen), but Christian is so much more: the self-proclaimed brain of the band, a "brooder" (he calls it deep and thoughtful concentration.)  Here’s his story.

I had to break away from the defiveBoyz band! I was propelled by “the force” to go as solo as Hans, and introduce a fantastic new solution to defi clients. My goal, and the goal of the rest of the defi team, was to solve a former big problem using more than Jedi mind tricks.


An application comes in that fails your lending company’s credit policies, so it sits in a queue waiting on an underwriter to review. When the underwriter gets to it, it requires only a simple change to the term. Unfortunately, by that point the deal has already moved on, and with another lender.

Wouldn’t it be great if your system had known to make that simple change for you and could send a decision in seconds? What could possibly give you that kind of freedom and power!?


In the absence of Jedi mind tricks, Auto Structure is the next best thing. Auto Structure is a new feature of the defi LOS that allows you to configure the system to structure deals automatically and send back a conditional approval. This feature is one of the newest of many automation tools in our lending technology toolbox, and the force is strong with this one!


  • More automation improves decision times to allow dealers to receive your decisions in seconds.
  • Freed up underwriters can focus on the loan applications that require more in-depth review.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency means better business and better deals.


You, too, can use more than mind tricks to automate your lending deals. Auto Structure is available to all defi clients. 


Watch the Auto Structuring Video from defi FEST 2017 here.

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