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Stephanie Alsbrooks named Entreprenuer of the Year Finalist

Fantastic News! Stephanie Alsbrooks has been named a Southwest region finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year®! This prestigious program draws participants from over 60 countries and has honored entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos of, Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, and is now recognizing our favorite founder and CEO.

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defi ENGINEERING: Working in Pairs

Part2_170605.pngRemember the computer programmer in Jurassic Park? He was a rotund loner whose workstation was littered with soda cans and empty potato chip bags. The Hollywood stereotype of software engineers is The Lone Coder, a social misfit who shuns human interaction. He can make magic happen with a few clicks of his mouse, but he probably does it from the solitude of his parents' basement. 

In real life, The Lone Coder makes mistakes -- lots of mistakes. Answerable to no one, The Lone Coder designs a system only he can understand, and no one else has a prayer of maintaining or modifying. The Lone Coder is a threat to the growth, security, and stability of a computer system. Scariest of all, entire software "teams" can be full of Lone Coders, each one marching to his own beat, following her own whims, leaving a cloud of chaos behind in their wake. Their product might work, but it is a house of cards. 

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Dosdourian Speaks, DMS Sponsors, and defi FEST 2017 Empowers defi Clients

Summit_SignUp_170531.pngAre you ready for defi FEST 2017?

We are super excited to partner with Digital Matrix Systems (DMS), this year’s BIG KAHUNA, and our sponsor CHIEFS -- AUL Warranty, Cedar Document Technologies, Clarity Services, CoreLane Technologies, eOriginal, Equifax, FactorTrust, Hatteras, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, RouteOne, and TransUnion – to make this year’s defi FEST 2017 event possible.

With How-To’s, hackathons, workshops, free food and lots of fun, defi clients won’t want to miss this awesome event that is lining up to be the best one yet!

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Blissful Ignorance or Painless Awareness: Which is your choice?


Most of us know what we’re looking for in a life partner, but do you know what your business is looking for in a hardware or software technology partner? What are your preferences? What makes one vendor a better choice for you than for someone else?

Not sure? Haven’t thought about it? Think you already know? defi SOLUTIONS CEO Stephanie Alsbrooks suggests ten questions to help you narrow down which technology partner is right for you.

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defi Engineering: A Cult of Quality

defi ENGINEERING a Culture of QualityPeopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, a book by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister about sociology in software engineering, uses the phrase "cult of quality" to define a team that has decided "only perfect is good enough for us." DeMarco and Lister write that while most of the world won't argue for higher quality, members of a cult of quality will "always turn out something that's better than what their market is asking for." And this usually doesn't happen because of any dictate from upper management. Most often it's the team members themselves holding themselves to a higher standard.

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defi EXCHANGE for bulk loan sales. The next big deal in auto finance!

defi EXCHANGE Auto Loan Marketplace for Buyers and SellersThis year started off with a bang when we officially introduced defi ANALYTICS and defi SERVICING. Although they are hard acts to follow, we think defi EXCHANGE, our auto loan portfolio marketplace, is equally, if not even more, exciting.

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Long Live defi Culture

Long Live defi CultureOur CEO and founder Stephanie Alsbrooks has culture in her blood. Company culture that is.

She continues a tradition today at defi SOLUTIONS that she started years ago in many past work lives in the auto lending industry, focusing on the important mission of bringing people together through work and play.

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Their Data Technology Needs Aren't Necessarily Yours

Three Steps to Apply to Any Technology DecisionHow do you know or go about finding out if a solution is right for you?

Director of data and analysis for defi ANALYTICS, Brandon Burns, explains in the most recent edition of Non-Prime Times how to go about the process of deciding which data warehouse technology solution is right for your business.

Brandon's ideas apply to any technology decision. He suggest you follow three steps.

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Less IS More in Loan Origination and Funding

Less is More in Loan Origination The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) passed in 1999. Coincidentally, that was the year I joined AmeriCredit, and my journey in auto finance began. I was in my 20s and full of ideas about how great auto finance could be with less paper and leaner, faster processes. 

So here we are in 2017, more than 15 years later and auto finance has more paper than it did in 1999.

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defi Engineering: A Culture of Iteration

Blog-Iterative.jpg"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It's an old cliché that has proven especially applicable to successful engineering projects. Thomas Edison owned over 1000 patents, most of which never amounted to anything useful. WD-40's name is short for "Water Displacement, Formula 40," implying it was preceded by 39 failures. And Steve Jobs oversaw the release of numerous underwhelming products before he changed the world with the iPhone.

But in its earliest days, software engineering took a different approach.

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